The Principals of Miller, Calhoun & Company apply more than 60 years of collective experience helping our clients unearth a wealth of potential resources. Our philanthropic consultancy provides fund development, marketing, public relations, and management to a variety of not-for-profit organizations and ngo's throughout our home state of Florida, the Southeast, and internationally.

Miller, Calhoun & Company offers nonprofit institutions professional counsel tailored to fit the demands of today's competitive market. Our approach deploys an intricate planning process to guide clients through methodic steps aimed at building financial stability while enhancing institutional service. Throughout each stage, we focus on providing our clients with efficient, effective tools for reaching and serving constituencies. Miller, Calhoun advances philanthropic resources for clients that incorporate a well-defined team strategy to their institutional practices.

Miller, Calhoun & Company is credited with having been involved in over $1,000,000,000 raised for charities including health organizations, environmental agencies, social services, educational institutions, and cultural and religious organizations. 

Mission Statement
To strengthen our client's resources, inspire their commitment and enhance relations with donors and constituencies with regard to efficiency and mission effectiveness

Our Philosophy
We strongly advocate a team effort as the sole approach to promote and improve an agency's philanthropic fund development practices, thus facilitating its capacity to execute its mission.

Pre-Campaign Planning
Prospective donors often determine their decisions regarding support for a campaign long before a solicitor approaches them. Using a team approach early in the planning process, we acquaint prospective donors with the institution's expectation of gift levels. The planning process, therefore, always involves key donor prospects with discussions of the institution's sense of mission, definition of needs, financial plan, fund raising goals and strategies.

In the Pre-Campaign Preparation Process, where we determine the feasibility of the prospective campaign, constituent involvement is realized through the formation of an Oversight Committee (or similar committee structure) that joins key leadership and prospects in the early stages of institutional analysis and planning. Meetings of this committee instill ownership, increase dedication, and re-enforce constituents' comfort with the campaign's purpose and the agency's practices. The institution then establishes its levels of expectation promptly, and begins to position prospects at gift levels sufficiently substantial to meet the projected campaign goals.

These steps are generally taken in this order:

  • Miller, Calhoun & Company confers with the CEO, appropriate staff professionals and selected members of the Board to review the plans and goals and to identify prospective members of the Oversight Committee.
  • The Oversight Committee is enlisted.
  • A Financial Analysis and Forecast is developed
  • A statement of the Case for Support is prepared for use in testing attitudes in confidential interviews.
  • A thorough analysis of potential gift resources is made.
  • Confidential interviews are conducted among key constituents.
  • A Fund Raising Strategy and Action Plan is drafted, discussed with the Oversight Committee, and then presented to the Board of Directors for implementation.