Core Services

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a full-service professional consulting firm, Miller, Calhoun offers counsel in these specialized areas of management and fund development

  • Board Assessment & Recruitment
  • Development of the Case Statement, Brochures and Similar Campaign Tools
  • Fund Development Audits, Assessments and Plans
  • Major Gifts Acquisition
  • Planned Giving Donor Development
  • Capital Campaign Planning and Management
  • Fund Raising Feasibility Studies
  • Strategic Long Range Planning Strategies and Workshops
  • Public Awareness Campaigns
  • Technology and Online Engagement Strategy
  • Retreats, Workshops and Seminars

All organizations need additional funds--annual, capital, endowment and special projects. Campaigns are more than declaring a goal and asking for money; they're part of a cohesive plan that guides your agency's fiscal future. Is your plan formulated, approved, and ready to roll? Would you like a review of your plan? To learn more, contact us

Capital and Endowment Campaign Implementation

It's All Systems Go: you're prepared to launch. Now all you need is the experience of experts whose knowledge and expertise you can count on. Tools and resources would include the calendar, materials, presentations, solicitation calls, reports, benchmarks, proposals, training sessions and more.

Case Statements

The underpinning of any successful fund raising effort is a vibrant, compelling statement of the organization's mission, need, objectives, and goals. Case statements, or reasons to support your organization or institution , are one of the most important documents and requirements in a campaign. The evolution of the writing of the case statement remains a key strategy in leadership development.

Fund Raising Feasibility Studies

An important part of the pre-campaign planning stage is the fund raising feasibility study. Miller, Calhoun tests the case for support, leadership requirements, gift levels and more while conducting an internal audit of the Development Department.

Board Assessment & Recruitment

The integrity and success of your agency varies with that of your board. Good business professionals, well-meaning individual donors, and high-profile persons need an opportunity to become effective board members. Everything starts with your board, so make sure yours contains all the right ingredients.

Proposal Writing and Grantsmanship

Researching funding opportunities, organizing a grants calendar and writing proposals are an important part of a development program. Success in this area coupled with our vast experience and that of our associates, can strengthen your programs and operations.

Interim Executive Staffing

We provide interim services for a variety of positions including top management professionals and campaign staffing. Often we are called upon to expand the education of current staff in the areas of fundraising, management, long range planning, and technology.

Prospect Evaluation, Cultivation and Donor Development

Who gives and why? Where do you look? How do you separate Suspects from Prospects, and convert Prospects to Expectations? What works when you're trying to convince a smaller donor to step up to Major donor? Each organization has its own unique answers to questions like these and campaign planning is the key.

Gift Negotiation Strategies

Sometimes during the gift acceptance process, the organization enters into gift negotiations with the contributor. Prepare for this process with strategies, recognition opportunities, and training.

Technology and Online Engagement Strategy

Successful fund raising begins with a plan. When your objectives need to be supported by a sound technology strategy — social media, online engagement, or any interactive fundraising — we have the expertise to put the pieces together to ensure successful campaigns.

Retreats, Workshops, Seminars, and Online Learning Opportunities

The talented professionals of Miller, Calhoun & Company feature award-winning speakers and lecturers on many topics of vital concern to the directors, staff and volunteers. Topics include "Asking for the Gift" to "Establishing Successful Planned Giving Programs." For a complete listing and references, please contact us.

Branding Campaigns

As part of a communications plan, a branding campaign separates and elevates your institution in the hearts and minds of your audiences in a memorable, motivational and effective way creating loyalty while attracting others to your mission.

Development Assessment

To determine fundraising effectiveness in fundraising, a comprehensive evaluation is undertaken to review donor acquisition, retention rates, communique, online presence, stewardship effectiveness, staff roles, and levels of leader’s interest. Commonly referred to as a Development Audit, the results produce a series of recommendations and strategies to advance philanthropy, earned revenues and voluntarism.

Wealth Screening

This powerful tool is an advanced electronic prospect screening system using a variety of wealth indicators such as real estate holdings, stock ownership in public companies, affiliations, philanthropic markers, contributions to other causes, and much more. This electronic intelligence estimates gift capacity to target campaign strategies more efficiently while finding hidden wealth. Key information is added or corrected during this process to maximize efficiency in mailings and provide strategies for asking the accurate gift range from the right assets.

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