Case Studies

An arts institution and an independent management consultant contacted Peggy Calhoun, ACFRE, to immediately address funding opportunities. 
Organizational Profile: A visual arts education center, created 19 years ago, serving a wide array of audiences was struggling with Board and senior management changes. 


A. The position of Director of Development had been vacant for one year. 
B. A fiscal analysis conducted by Miller, Calhoun & Company indicated a cash flow crisis within two months. 
C. Executive Director did not have the confidence of the Board. 
D. Strong programming created constant parking problems and various waiting lists often frustrating key constituents and prospects. 

Planning for Success:

An Oversight Committee comprised of Executive Board and key staff, was engaged to commit to successfully launching a major gifts initiative beginning with the Board. This process included prospect identification, screening and solicitation workshops to initiate and assign responsibilities. Using the team approach, trust was beginning to return to the organization as evidenced by stellar leadership gifts and increased event attendance. 


Within six months, an 18 month Fund Development Plan with a three year outlook was written and implementation began resulting in a 168% increase for operations from the previous twelve months. Also, a six figure gift was committed for immediate capital improvements while another donor expressed interest in gifting adjacent property to the organization for additional capital expansion. Future Board leadership, programming and staffing needs were addressed through a strategic long range planning process involving members of the Board and key staff. 
Today, the organization has successfully turned around embarking on capital expansion of the aforementioned adjacent property. 
"The guidance, direction and 'hands-on' approach Counsel gave proved totally effective," stated a philanthropic advisor.